Parks, Playgrounds, Tennis, & Basketball

Tennis Courts:

Village Park is located in Casco Village behind the Community Center, off route 121. Libby Park is located on Brown Ave off of Quaker Ridge Road. Libby Park has a basketball court, tennis court and swings.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Rules:

  • White Soled tennis shoes only.
  • Court priority to 18 yrs. and older Sat., Sun., holidays and evenings after 5:00PM.
  • Use limited to 60 minutes if there are others waiting.
  • Court use limited to tennis only no bikes roller blades, or skateboards allowed.
  • Please observe these rules and be courteous to others.
  • No profanity please.

Basketball Courts:

Basketball Courts are located in Casco Village, behind the Community Center.

Basketball Court

Village Park:

This is located off 121 behind the Community Center. There is a beautiful playground, tennis court and basketball court.

Village Park